Membership Services, New Membership, Change of Membership (Filing with FINRA)

FINRA’s New Membership Application and Continuance of/or Change in Membership Application processes are challenging , time consuming and can be downright frustrating. Greico has the talent to help you understand the application requirements and process. We can help guide you through….facing off with attorneys, Regulators, and interactions with your in-house staff as well as others. etc.

Services include

New Membership Applications (NMA) are required to be submitted In order to become a member of FINRA. Once the branch NMA or CMA (Change of Membership Application) is submitted, it can take a significant amount of time to completion, in some cases up to 180 days. It is critical that FINRA be supplied with accurate and complete information. Grecio has an experienced staff of professionals that are able to guide you every step of the way.

Below are just some of the services that we provide:

● Assisting in filing the firm’s NMA

● Accurate and timely funding of its general account.

● Our review process can be used to supplement your executive management team with access to industry expertise at a fraction of the cost

● Complete, file and transmit forms and applications to FINRA and the SEC… including Form BD, Entitlements Forms, Contact Forms, Assessments Reports among others. We can manage and ensure timely monitoring of regulator inquiries.

● Changes to Membership agreements such as adding or eliminating business lines or increasing representatives, branch offices beyond the safe harbor provision, changes the firms structures and can be considered a material change in the firm’s business therefore FINRA requires your firm to file a CMA.

● Ease the burden of interaction with Examination and Surveillance Staff of your SRO’s.

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