FINRA /SEC/SRO Examinations

What do you do when your Coordinator or Examiner calls and informs you of your upcoming examination? Call Greico

Let Greico help you gather information and prepare for the exam.

Let the Greico team assist you from the minute you have been notified of a firm examination.

● We can assist you in the initial meeting call with your Coordinator and Examiners First Impressions are the lasting impressions. Make the first words count.

● We will assist you in gathering the documents that FINRA requests for review.

● We’ll assist you in dealing the requested information and explain exactly what they are looking for.

● We can work on site with you and help you with the process.

● We will be available via telephone for any questions you have during your own preparation.

● We can help you anticipate any additional items that may need review or refinement.

● We were examiners and coordinators and have well-established relationships with many districts, and can utilize this experience to better serve you.

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