FINOP Locator Services

Greico has an experienced staff and access to a network of professionals with CPA’s and Series 27 who can serve as your FinOp/CFO. Greico including a network of compliance professionals with Series 14 who can qualify the firm for the CCO requirement.

We can provide assistance in the interview and placement process of highly qualified candidates to enhance and expand your management team.

● The Rules require each firm employ and designate a qualified Financial and Operations Principal (FinOp), and Series 14 qualified individuals as their CCO.

● A FinOp is responsible for supervising the firm’s books and records, and ensuring financial and operations compliance with rules set forth by SRO’s

● A CCO is responsible for supervising the firms sales practice and compliance requirements.

In addition to the above, our consultants can provide many other financial services with projects that may arise. For more information, please feel free to contact us.


Greico offers full-time and temporary placement of qualified professionals across all of our primary practice areas:

● Accounting / Finance
● Compliance / Legal

● Operations / Trade support

● Administrative support

● Traders

● Human Resources

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