Continuing Education Requirements FINRA Rule 1250

Since 1995 FINRA has mandated Continuing Education Requirements for all Broker /Dealers and their Registered Representatives. The requirements consist of two elements Regulatory Element and Firm Element.

Regulatory Element

Regulatory Element takes place at a testing center such as Prometric or Pearson. and is a tutorial. with sets of questions to be completed during a specified time-frame the requirement is triggered on the second anniversary of Series 6/7 and must be completed every three years. The candidate has 120 days from their anniversary date of Series 6/7 registration to complete this requirement or face suspension of CE inactive ( No access, no job, no pay). Let the Greico team assist your reps in completing this requirement within the 120 day time frame.
Tutoring services and materials are available through Greico Financial Training.

Firm Element

The firm element is a three stage process. The process begins with a Firm Needs Analysis which is used to create a training plan which mandates the courses, seminars, workshops to be delivered to every rep, employee.

Stage 1 The Needs Analysis should include:

● The products and services offered by the b/d.
● The reps experience
● Customer complaints
● Compliance challenges
● New rules and regulations
● New policies and procedures

Stage 2 The training plan

● The topics to be included in the firm element training
● The reps/employees that must participate
● The number of courses seminars workshops to be completed
● Tracking documentation.
● The delivery method…, workshops , seminars

Stage 3 Content Delivery

● Courses
● Workshops
● Seminars
● Live Online Course
● On-Demand Access
● Live In-Person Course

Let Greico help you with all aspects of your Continuing Education Requirements

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