CEO Certification (FINRA Rules 3012 and 3130)

FINRA Rules 3012 and 3130 require Chief Compliance Officers of Broker/Dealers to prepare an annual report detailing their firm’s supervisory controls, results of testing and the overall quality of the firms compliance with rules and regulations.

The CEO upon receiving the report from the Chief Compliance Officer must sign and certify that he/she is aware of the firm’s overall compliance condition as reported.

Let Greico team of professionals …

● Assist the Chief Compliance Officer with preparing the report to be certified by the Chief Executive Officer

● Identify individuals at your firm who may require heightened supervision

● Detect potential weaknesses and deficiencies in your compliance program

● Enable your firm to meet the stringent requirements of the SRO’s

● Ensure your firm is in compliance with the applicable rules and regulations

● Simulate SRO Firm Examinations

● Test the integrity of your Supervisory Controls

● Test the validity of your Reports

● Test the effectiveness of your Branch Inspections .

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